Female Focus

In 2020, we delivered our first Female Focus Basketball Tournament, an event delivered by women for women. To create an environment where women felt supported, safe and are encouraged to be themselves. 

Our aim is to empower, motivate, increase confidence and meet likeminded people through sport. Female Focus gives women the opportunity to be the majority and not the minority within a sporting context. All staff including volunteers, players, event management, officials, videography are female, we want to create as many opportunities as possible for women to excel.

We provide volunteering, mentoring and sports education for anyone as young as 11 to develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding within the game. Our mission is to create a pathway for women and girls, to improve or utilise your current skills and contribute to a sporting event. We will provide access to sport regardless of your ability and welcome you all to join.

We want to showcase what we do as much as possible, to highlight the amazing work and create a competitive but friendly environment. Games are fast, furious, exciting and fun! The games showcase the amazing skills of the women, we encourage all abilities to play and join the movement! Another unique element of the event is encouraging women with small businesses to showcase their talent, there are free haircuts for women delivered by our female stylist.

All spectators are welcome regardless of your gender– we are shouting from the roof and want to demonstrate the amazing work these women do! To grow our event, please spread the word this event is one of a kind, we are always looking for sponsors and welcome volunteers.