I joined Hoops (and started basketball) when the sessions were outdoors due to the pandemic. My brother had discovered Hoops and encouraged me to come along- I was nervous as I was a beginner but love to exercise in the morning and saw it as a great opportunity to hang out with him!

3 years later, I go 2/3 times a week and find it to be the most positive way to start my day. Hoops has improved my fitness and mental health, given me a new skill, and brought some amazing people into my life.

The sessions are fun, challenging, and inclusive (Coach Ruth somehow caters for the most and least experienced). Women are a minority in basketball, but I have never felt that at Hoops- despite this, and being a lower-ability player, everyone has always been so encouraging and supportive of me.

Coach Ruth has formed something truly special with Hoops and the wonderful Hoops community and I’d highly recommend the sessions to all!