My name is Coach Ruth – ‘My Story’

I am the founder of Hoops B4 Work, an adult basketball community organisation which was established in 2019. We deliver sessions that runs from 6.30 in the morning to 8am. 

Why? My son and daughter play basketball, both have had different journeys in the game. My daughter attended a high-level basketball club in the UK, having achieved many trophies and titles. My son achieved a full scholarship in a D1 school in the USA. While my daughter could continue to train during the summer period my son faced challenges trying to access a basketball court on his return to the UK. 

He asked me to coach him again, however trying to access a court proved difficult. I remember saying ‘if you want me to coach you wake me up at 6am the courts always free’ and he did! I thought if I could coach my son at 6am why I could coach anyone! At the time I was refereeing recreational basketball, mostly male players. As the female referee, I always received more abuse, mainly from players that had little skill and knowledge of the game. I wanted to deliver open skilled sessions to help improve the fundamental skills, no pressure and could tailor to anyone who wanted to learn or improve. 

My experience – I started playing basketball when I was 11 at secondary school and continued to when I was about 18, where I stopped playing. I returned to the game after studying Sports Development & Fitness as a mature student and fell back in love with the sport. I still play and recently competed in the Worlds Championship, representing Great Britain Maxi in Argentina! My passion is coaching I was recently appointed to coach the England U14 girls’ team, I love seeing the progress of the players especially those returning to the game as an adult. I just love the game, what it brings to people’s lives and the social aspect of it most importantly.

My Dream – My dream is to have my own Basketball Court, which is accessible to all, including young people and older adults. A place that is home from home but has that community vibe. The doors are open to anyone that wants to give it a go or players who are home from playing abroad. Whatever the reason you attend it will be our ‘HOME COURT’. 

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