Ro Designs London Ltd 

September 2023

I have a passion for creating happiness through my love of being creative with balloons. As I always like to say, “Balloons make everyone smile” and I just love to see people happy and smiling. My passion just grows stronger and stronger and I truly hope Ro Designs London Ltd will be around for many years to come, getting bigger and bigger and making more and more people smile because of my balloon creations.

Why I chose to partner with HBW?

I chose to partner with the inspirational Hoops B4 Work, as I love the way HBW empowers women through basketball, the way HBW brings so many women together from all walks of life is just outstanding. Being a female business owner myself, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to support another amazing female business owner, who truly is fantastic at all she (coach Ruth) does and has achieved. 

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