Great sessions for skills of all levels

It is a great place to improve your basketball skills at any level. I started my basketball journey quite recently and attending these sessions has given me the perfect opportunity to practice and learn the finer points of the game of basketball. Coach Ruth provides excellent guidance on how to improve your game as well as the drive to push you out of your comfort zone. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone that wants to improve their game.


Hoops B4 Work is everything you need

What can I say… Hoops B4 Work is amazing, it’s just what I needed, the top class coaching is next level and I get to play the sport I love, socialise and get fit at the same time, it’s a no brainer, if you haven’t tried it out, what you waiting for, trust me you won’t regret it!!!! See you on the court 😊🏀🏀🏀


Not only does this community have a great leader, guide and mentor in the likes of Coach Ruth there are also genuine, warm, friendship dynamics. She sees the potential and intensity in your work and work ethic and wants the most out of you in every basketball workout.


I joined Hoops B4 Work 9 months ago and last played basketball when I was 12. It’s been a huge learning curve and an excellent way to keep fit now im 31.

Coach Ruth is hands-on and patient, helping me gain skills and confidence. The sessions are a great balance between basic and advanced techniques, where everyone is welcoming and happy to offer tips to help you develop, creating a fun and competitive atmosphere.

I’ve surprised myself with how far I’ve come and looking forward to the challenge of going further!

Thanks Coach!


If you’re looking to improve your basketball skills at any level, Coach Ruth will encourage and support your journey every step of the way. She has an unwavering level of positivity and energy that really drives you to play at a higher level. I’ve been going to the sessions since the beginning of HoopsB4Work’s inception and there’s a great community of people who attend.


A great opportunity to play basketball, improve one’s game and fitness in a positive and diverse environment. Training sessions and scrimmage sessions cater to all abilities. Coach Ruth, who leads the programme and coaches most sessions, has a knack for bringing the best out of you and help you progress. One of the best reasons to set a very early alarm clock 3 times a week!


Have been attending Coach Ruth’s sessions for around 4 years now and could say it’s one of the best basketball sessions in London.

There are different sessions running a few days a week, which provides you with a different experience. The sessions are a great way to start the day leaving me energised and with a positive outlook to get through the rest of the day.

Coach Ruth is dedicated, experienced, and a great motivational Coach.
Definitely recommend the sessions.


Coach Ruth has brang a small community together with alot of fun and enthusiasm. I always look forward to coming to play in the mornings as it’s a great motivation to start my day.

Paul Davis

I joined Hoops (and started basketball) when the sessions were outdoors due to the pandemic. My brother had discovered Hoops and encouraged me to come along- I was nervous as I was a beginner but love to exercise in the morning and saw it as a great opportunity to hang out with him!

3 years later, I go 2/3 times a week and find it to be the most positive way to start my day. Hoops has improved my fitness and mental health, given me a new skill, and brought some amazing people into my life.

The sessions are fun, challenging, and inclusive (Coach Ruth somehow caters for the most and least experienced). Women are a minority in basketball, but I have never felt that at Hoops- despite this, and being a lower-ability player, everyone has always been so encouraging and supportive of me.

Coach Ruth has formed something truly special with Hoops and the wonderful Hoops community and I’d highly recommend the sessions to all!

Kelly Bonnar

Inclusive and community lead. Any age or ability. Great coaching and development. Would highly recommend for any skill level.

Adam McGurk

Amazing Coach, it’s nice to be coached by a Female in a male dominated sport. love coming Hoopsb4work as it sets me up for my day ahead.