The Female Sports Coach Collective

September 2023

The Female Sports Coach Collective is working towards developing a network for female sports coaches (starting with basketball) to provide support, mentoring, and access to professional development. 

In a sport that often appears dominated by men, support to empower female coaches is important to provide a balanced environment and ideology within coaching. 

FSCC wants to tell the stories of coaches current and past, to encourage the new generation of coaches to reach their full potential, have access to high level opportunities should they wish and elevate the standard of coaching across the board by offering mentoring support, workshops and coaching clinics.

The collective works with the Hoops B4 Work ‘Female Focus’ tournaments annually, as it aligns with the FSCC ethos of developing females holistically within the sport. The event not only looks to encourage female coaches but uses female officials and other relevant staff utilied within basketball.

FSCC is developing its network and aims to become a focal point for females coaching in sport…working to broaden opportunities and empower growth within the basketball community. 

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